BR 01 Airborne

The Replica Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne is a talisman watch testifying to the extraordinary saga of the US Airborne. A glowing homage to these young servicemen parachuted into the front line in the most dangerous conditions. Bell & Ross:
A passion for military watches.
A project to create utilitarian watches suitable for professional use.
An inspiration, the aeronautical instrument.Aeronautical instrumentation is the absolute reference point in terms of readability, reliability and performance. This is why Bell & Ross designers have worked together in order to reproduce a cockpit dashboard clock on the scale of a human wrist… This is how the instrument-watch was born.

From the BR 01 to the Heritage and BR 03 Type Aviation, the evolution of the Bell & Ross Instrument collection closely follows that of aeronautical instrumentation. The new BR 01 AIRBORNE model is directly inspired by a historical military symbol and is the most unique watch in the BR 01 collection.


The BR 01 Airborne is an anthem to the extraordinary saga of military paratroopers. This new watch is a tribute to those brave young men who fought in one of the toughest army corps, particularly the US Airborne divisions.

The Airborne divisions were born during the Second World War. They were the first to be exposed to danger and the first ones to face death. Their most famous motto was “Death from Above” symbolised by a skull that was a reminder to them of both their power and vulnerability.

Since then, the symbol has spread to other military regiments. It is often embossed on uniforms patches or on fighter planes. The skull is a constant reminder of the omnipresence of death on each military mission. By wearing the skull, the soldiers are attempting to both defy death and intimidate the enemy.

The BR 01 Airborne reinvents the notion of the talisman, and personifies the very spirit of these outstanding men. It is a genuine tribute to the noblest of military values as well as to the bravery of soldiers who face death on a daily basis to defend their country.

BR 01 Airborne II

The Replica Bell & Ross BR 01 Airborne is a talisman watch testifying to the extraordinary saga of the US Airborne. A glowing homage to these young servicemen parachuted into the front line in the most dangerous conditions.

  • BR 01 AIRBORNE II & BR 01 TOURBILLON AIRBORNE Two limited edition models 
    Created in 2009, the BR 01 AIRBORNE model paid tribute to the extraordinary saga of military paratroopers, especially the US Airborne divisions that played such a distinguished role in the Second World War.Rubbing shoulders with danger on a daily basis, the young soldiers had adopted the skull and crossbones as a symbol of their courage to better defy death and intimidate their enemies. The skull and crossbones acted as a talisman during their missions and a continual reminder of how vulnerable they were to danger. In 2011, Bell&Ross is offering two new limited edition models of this talisman watch – the BR 01 AIRBORNE II and the BR 01 TOURBILLON AIRBORNE. 
    The new BR 01 AIRBORNE and BR 01 Tourbillon Airborne are both distinguished by their finishes, but are also consistent with the Airborne’s military symbol. .They share the same inspiration, shape and expression: • The watch’s bezel and screws delineate a skull with crossbones that is perfectly integrated into the square shape of the brand’s iconic case. • The single-color «phantom black» dial conjures up the symbolic color of death and sports the face of a seemingly- defiant skull and crossbones. • The dagger – or sword-shaped hands, depending on the model, further evoke designs borrowed from military art. 
    The BR 01 AIRBORNE II and BR 01 TOURBILLON AIRBORNE emphasize more than ever the talisman spirit of the original model and its symbolic function to the great delight of collectors.  
    BR 01 AIRBORNE II Marking time 
    The Replica BR 01 AIRBORNE sports an aged steel case, giving the original model the character and appearance of a watch which has acquired a patina over time. This «rifle barrel» finish is achieved by repeated random rubbings. This technique, which in no way alters the material, makes each piece unique. 
    The crystal, marked with a «jaw» index transferred onto the underside, and the brown leather strap, tanned like old leather with tone-on-tone stitching, gives this watch its inimitable style. 
Model  :BR 01 Airborne II
Reference  :BR0192-AIRBORNEII
Nber of pieces :999
Complement :Balck PVD Steel
On sale :2011
List Price :$150
Diameter :46 mm
Styles :Atypical
Types :Self-winding 
ETA 2892
Case material :PVD
Case peculiarity :Screwed-down crown
Shape :Square
Water-resistance :100 meters
Dial :Photoluminescent
Dial color :Black
Glass :Sapphire
Antireflective coating 
Strap material :Leather
Strap color :Dark Brown
Strap clasp :Pin buckle
Bell & Ross Replica Watch BR 01 Airborne II AVIATION BR0192-AIRBORNEII Balck PVD Steel