Used Bell and Ross BR X1 Tourbillon R.S.17


Since its foundation in 1994, Bell & Ross has helped fighter pilots keep time. Over the years, the brand has become a leading benchmark in the world of aviation. In February 2016, in its permanent quest for new universes to explore, Bell & Ross made its first foray into the racetracks by joining the highly exclusive world of Formula 1 and becoming the official watch partner of the Renault Sport Formula One Team. The prestigious world of motor sport shares many similarities with aviation, Bell & Ross’ first love. In both fields, engineers seek extreme performance, speed and mechanical accuracy.

The collaboration with the French F1 team led to a first collection of watches named BR X1 RS16, in reference to the car unveiled that year. In 2017, Bell & Ross is strengthening its partnership by releasing a series of three new high-performance watches inspired by the steering wheel of the new Renault RS 17 F1 car:
BR 03-94 RS17
BR X1 RS17 Skeleton Chronograph
BR X1 RS17 Tourbillon Chronograph

The design and color codes of these high-tech timepieces allow the time to be read quickly and accurately. The principle evokes that of an F1 steering wheel, on which each piece of information is paired with a different color. This enables the driver to recognize them instantly, without any risk of error. The materials used – Carbone Forgé®, titanium or ceramic – are identical to those used in Grand-Prix racing cars.


Designed for racing drivers, the new Bell & Ross BR-RS17 collection is made up of truly exceptional watches. Their design, inspired by Formula 1, brings together the latest technological advances and the most innovative materials used in the racing world. These quintessential sports timepieces also take the lead in terms of legibility and finishes.

This series includes only chronograph models. This complication was invented to measure short periods of time and is considered the most important one in the race world, since it enables the performance of the vehicles on the track to be measured with great accuracy, turning these timepieces into indispensable tools for drivers and timekeepers. They have long since become a key instrument in cockpits, circuits and paddocks.

Their mechanism is complex. It often requires a third more components than a conventional watch caliber. Highly sophisticated, their movements are similar to those of highpowered engines, the gems of technology that propel racing cars to incredible speeds.


The new Replica Bell & Ross BR-RS17 collection features a wide range of color shades. These vivid hues are found on the steering wheel of the Renault F1 single-seater. For example, the flange on the two BR X1 chronographs features the same shimmering tones as the dial wheel at the center of the F1 RS17 steering wheel. These complementary primary colors, rarely used in high-end watches, allow functions to be identified and prioritized. The time, chronograph, date, seconds and power reserve (where applicable) have each their own color. This ensures the display is exceptionally clear and easy to decipher, and read reliably at a glance.
On the three watches, the elements relating to the chronograph complication are partially coated in “Renault” yellow. Ever since the French constructor entered F1 in 1977, its single-seaters have sported this shade.


Aviation and motor racing have many points in common: both rely on innovative materials, just as the latest Bell & Ross’ collection. The case of the BR X1 is made of Carbone Forgé® and the dial of the BR 03-94 is crafted of carbon fiber, both of the models being inspired on the steering wheel of the Renault F1 RS17. This lightweight and highly resilient composite material is used in aircraft fuselages and in bodies of racing cars. It is perfectly suited for the structural components subject to extreme mechanical stress.

The engineers at Replica Bell & Ross Watch have reworked this material in order to meet the quality criteria of watchmaking. They redesigned its fibers, the resin that holds them in place, and the tooling needed to create its finish. The results are perfectly
watertight cases for the X1 models of impeccable quality.

Both the aviation and automotive industries use ceramic, which is mostly used in the brakes of racing cars because it does not heat easily. The case of the BR 03 is made from this very hard material used to create components that are resistant to high temperatures.

Racing car tires are made from rubber. This material, with a very powerful grip, is used on the rim of the case and the push buttons of the BR X1 ensuring an excellent handling of the timekeeping function and a greater accuracy.
The straps are also made from innovative materials. On the BR X1, rubber is paired with carbon fiber for a very sporty look.


The hand-wound chronograph of the highest level of complication and a tourbillon make this watch an outstanding piece. This movement is considered the most impressive in Haute Horlogerie. Its flying tourbillon compensates for the detrimental effect the earth’s gravitational pull has on the mechanism and increases the accuracy of the watch. It is incredibly complex, built with miniscule pieces and housed inside a “floating” cage that is fitted on a hub but appears to float in the air. The chronograph function is activated by a paddle-style monopusher positioned to the right of the case. The key component of the system, the column wheel, coordinates the starting and stopping of the chronograph. The timer indications are red and yellow. The 4-day power reserve is shown in green, and white hands coated in SuperLuminova indicate the time. This special coating guarantees legibility, even at night.

BR 01 Airspeed BR 01-92 AIRSPEED

BELL & ROSS and aeronautical instrumentation

The iconic BR 01 AVIATION collection is directly inspired by the instrumentation of aircraft cockpits, and addresses four fundamental requirements: legibility, functionality, precision and water-resistance.

Pushing its exploration of aeronautical navigation instruments further, Replica Bell & Ross innovates year after year with completely new high-tech models —BR 01 COMPASS in 2010, and RADAR in 2011—, offering a completely new way of reading time, inspired by flight instrumentation.

In 2012, Bell & Ross introduced three new versions: BR 01 HORIZON, BR 01 ALTIMETER, and BR 01 TURN COORDINATOR. The result was a collection of exclusive watches with an innovative display and uncompromising legibility: an absolute priority for professionals and for every Bell & Ross watch.

A new trio and a revised instrumentation panel
In 2013, Bell & Ross is enhancing the AVIATION collection with three new instruments directly inspired by the cockpit, – HEADING INDICATOR, AIRSPEED and CLIMB – and essential to flying and navigation.

The gyrocompass, course indicator or heading indicator, is a vital instrument for flying, used during both manual flight and autopilot, which indicates the course the plane is on.

The anemometer, or airspeed indicator, indicates speed. It measures an aircraft’s speed in relation to the air through which it is moving and allows the plane to be flown in a controlled way without visibility.

The variometer or vertical speed indicator, indicates to the pilot at all times whether the plane is ascending, descending or
in level flight. This instrument works using atmospheric pressure and is graduated in hundreds of feet per minute.

From the cockpit to the wrist
With this new trio, Bell & Ross recreates the graphic style of navigation instruments as closely as possible, once again going beyond the traditional approach to reading the time.
These three new models —BR01 HEADINg INDICATOR, BR 01 AIRSPEED and BR01 CLIMB— are each available in limited editions of 999 pieces. The first 99 will be offered exclusively in a lavish collector’s box containing the six instruments: BR 01 HORIZON, ALTIMETER, TURN COORDINATOR, HEADINg INDICATOR, AIRSPEED and CLIMB. The box is designed as a control panel where the essential instruments are laid out in T shape for optimum legibility.
An exclusive box that will make its owner feel as though they own a fragment of an aircraft’s cockpit, delighting both aviation fans and watch collectors. 


Design that enhances legibility
Bell & Ross designers have borrowed the graphic characteristics of the anemometer, or airspeed, to create an original and extremely legible display of time.

To enhance legibility, the hour, minute and second graduations have been separated to promote the minutes on the main dial – as in the original instrument –, while the hours are displayed in the center.

The three colors that indicate levels of criticality in the original instrument – green, white and yellow – also appear on the watch dial and indicate the zones by quarters of an hour.

The hands and index marks are covered in a white photo luminescent coating, contrasting with the black of the dial, echoing the legibility principles of professional aeronautical instruments.

The anti-glare, matt black carbon finish of the case is inspired by the color of an instrumentation panel, designed to make the dials easier to read by eliminating glare.