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Seiko Replica Watches US introduces its long-standing JDM Lukia women’s watch collection as a globally available product — though with a new form. Beautiful and practical, Lukia Collection watches are ideal for women seeking a decorative daily wear — powered by an in-house-made automatic movement.

Seiko Women’s Automatic Replica Watches Debut In Beautiful and practical, Lukia Collection best replica watches are ideal for women seeking a decorative daily wear — powered by an in-house-made automatic movement.

The new Seiko Arnie is a star, thanks to its forerunner’s memorable association with one of the world’s biggest (literally) and most enduring names: Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s not unusual for watches to end up with an unofficial celebrity association that effectively comes to define the model. These genuine relationships between star and timepiece are often the most long-lived.

Beautiful and practical, Lukia Collection best replica watches are ideal for women seeking a decorative daily wear — powered by an in-house-made automatic movement. There are still very few watches of this type, at this price range, that are available in any mainstream manner.That makes the Seiko Lukia part of a still-rare breed, and the …

When Seiko Replica began designing Japan’s first watch chronograph, its goal was to produce a watch with status symbols like the chronograph device.. It is powered by a 12-core manual winding 5719 movement. The salient features of this 6.1 mm thick movement include a button to trigger the Replica Watches US function, horizontal coupling, and a guide wheel that can control start, stop …

Miho Kanno new spokesperson to show self-confidence play 2011 LUKIA invitation of popular actress in Japan – Miho Kanno as the Brand Ambassador, recently aired a new work “work for a sister” Miho Kanno, incarnation of the play hard every day actively working woman, played superb in addition to the general audience response technology, but … Continue reading Seiko LUKIA Quartz 2011

Seiko Lukia of The glamour of Ginza with The refinement of Japan.

Soon after Japan opened its doors to the world in the second half of the 19th century, the Ginza
district in central Tokyo became its showcase. When Japan’s first railway opened in 1872, its
Tokyo terminus was at the edge of Ginza which rapidly became the center for shops selling
all that was new and fashionable. It was soon also the hub of the media business and home
to the many cafés and bars that were the new meeting places for artists and writers. Today,
Ginza remains synonymous with all that is glamorous and exciting about Tokyo and is, in many
respects, Japan’s window on the world. Ginza is also home to Seiko. Seiko was established
in Ginza in 1881 and the Seiko clock that sits atop the Wako store, where Seiko was long
headquartered, is a much-loved Ginza landmark.

The new Seiko Lukia collection celebrates the glamour, vivacity and refinement of today’s Ginza.
Since 1995, Lukia has been adorning the wrists of discerning women in Japan and it is now, for
the first time, available outside of Asia. The collection comprises six creations, each of which has
a dial featuring a traditional Japanese color overlaid on a mother-of-pearl base with a flower
motif and eight diamond hour markers. Each dial is colored from both sides, which allows the
full richness of the color to blend harmoniously with the texture of the mother-of-pearl dial.
The case offers a soft, delicate feeling on the wrist thanks to its perfectly rounded edges.

Five of the six new creations will be available from July 2020, with a limited edition to follow
in September. All will be available in selected Seiko Boutiques.

The new Lukia series is powered by Seiko’s latest automatic caliber, 6R35, which delivers a power
reserve of 70 hours. It can be seen through the sapphire case back, marking time at 21,600 beats
per hour. Each watch is water resistant to 10 bar and has a sapphire crystal that is resistant to
scratches. Lukia is built to be enjoyed every day, in every situation.

Gofun. Made from powdered seashell, it is now used Kabuki cosmetics.
One of Japan’s most famous Kabuki theaters is located in Ginza.
Kurenai. The color of confidence.
Ruri. The color of the evening sky.
Ao-shiro-tsurubami. The color of Ginza’s cobblestone streets.
Sakura. The color of cherry blossom. A lasting homage to ephemeral beauty.
Tsukishiro. The color of the sky at dusk

To celebrate the arrival of Lukia on the international stage, a special watch is offered in a
limited edition of just 250. Its dial is the color, Tsukishiro, of the blue-white evening sky that
frames the Ginza skyline as the moon is about to appear. It has 55 diamonds on the bezel and
eight diamonds on the dial. The unique and distinguished look of the strap is made possible
by a special, two-stage dyeing method. After the leather is first dyed white, the grooves in the
pattern are then dyed light blue.

Caliber 6R35
Vibrations: 21,600 vibrations per hour (6 beats per second)
Power reserve: 70 hours
Number of jewels: 24

Stainless steel case
Stainless steel case partly plated in yellow gold color (SPB138)
Stainless steel case with rose gold color plating (SPB140)
Mother-of-pearl dial with 8 diamonds
Case with 55 diamonds (SPB141)
Curved sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
Screwed see-through case back
Diameter: 34.8mm (SPB133, 135, 137, 138, 140) 35.2mm (SPB141)
Thickness: 11.4mm
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
Inter-changeable crocodile strap with three-fold clasp with push button release
Approximate recommended retail prices in Europe:
€1,400 (SPB133, 135, 137) €1,450 (SPB138) €1,500 (SPB140) €2,500 (SPB141)
Limited edition of 250 (SPB141) sale on